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Jon Huntsman 2012? Surely you can't be serious…

According to Politico this morning, the Obama Campaign is preparing itself for Ambassador to China (and former Utah Governor) Jon Huntsman to resign his post and launch a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Huntsman was rumoured to be considering a run a few years ago when he was named Ambassador, and the belief among many is that the Obama Campaign did that to take him out of the race.

Political had an interesting read, and discounting the fact that our field of candidates is a little lackluster to say the least, three things:

1. Huntsman isn’t a serious candidate. He’s a media narrative.

2. If he does run, a former Obama administration official is not going to win the Republican primary.

3. If he does win, the media will turn on him as quick as ferociously as they did John McCain in 2008.


3 responses to “Jon Huntsman 2012? Surely you can't be serious…

  1. Won’t the media turn on ANY GOP candidate regardless of whether they were adored prior?

  2. Shelley

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