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BOOK REVIEW: No Apology by Mitt Romney

I always hate political books that are more biographical than they are the person’s ideas. You know, 300 pages of what an awesome person they are, with one chapter dedicated to everything they would do the fix the country. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with “No Apologies.” In it, Mitt Romney focused almost entirely on policy.

And when I say entirely on policy, what I mean to say is “Oy Vey, there’s so much policy.” I felt like I should have gone through the book with a highlighter for when I have to study for finals…which if your as big of a political dork as I am, you know I mean that in a good way. Anything personal aboot Romney’s life was told anecdotally, drawing on lessons learned that led him to believe what he believes, or really life experiences to back up why he believes this is the way to go. This was especially true when it came to the chapters of economic policy. He knows what works and what doesn’t because, through his career in the private sector, he knows what did and didn’t.

You’ll also get a better understanding of the popular one-liners and catchphrases you always hear being thrown around. Things like “you don’t raise taxes in a recession,” “cut the corporate tax rate,” and “school choice” make a lot more sense when they’re explained in detail, with specific examples of how these things have worked in the past. Education and energy are two issues you never really heard the former Governor talk much aboot on the campaign trail, but the book reveals just how deeply he’s thought aboot these issues as well as t he basic economic ones you’re used to hearing him speak on.

The foreign policy chapters…I’ll be honest, Mitt Romney isn’t the first person I turn to for insight in world affairs. Don’t get me wrong. He wrote aboot everything from China and the Middle East to South America, and you got a sense of a much more nuance foreign policy than “we’ll step down when they stand up.” But as far as a Romney Administration goes, just give me Secretary of Defense Lynn Cheney and stick with getting America working again.

It’s obvious he’s running in 2012. That much is certain. You’re not going to pick up the book if you’ve already made up your mind aboot Mitt Romney already, and if you’re a dork like me you couldn’t wait to find it in your mailbox. To those of you in the middle, my fellow political junkies who don’t have a particular dog in the hunt as of yet, I’d highly recommend the book. Even if you finish it and still aren’t a Romney supporter, you’ll have a much better understanding of what needs to be done to put this country back on track, and something to compare when others claim that they have the right remedy.


One response to “BOOK REVIEW: No Apology by Mitt Romney

  1. Because the book’s ideas are so great…and make so much sense…figures they’d now revert to trying to dismiss it because he had “help” writing it. Nevermind debating the ideas…we’ll just pretend they don’t matter because they weren’t “his”. Romney 2012!!!

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