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Huckabee (No. 1 in a Series)

I’ve always been a fan of Mike Huckabee. My first ever political contribution was $20.08 to his primary campaign. I know all the closed minded and intolerant liberals go ape-shit because he believes in Jesus – the same liberals who attack him for “talking aboot religion,” and then proceed to ask him nothing but questions aboot religion – but if you’ve read any of his books, there’s a lot more there than just a “former pastor.”

Huckabee is a great communicator, and even though he has a bit more of a populist streak than I like in my conservatives, his thoughts on everything from education and health care to your basic kitchen table economic issues I feel resonate more with moderate and independent leading voters that we give him credit for.

That said, it still surprised me when Public Policy Polling had a hypothetical 2012 poll that had Huck only trailing Dear Leader by three points, 47&% to 44%.

In this particular iteration of the poll, Huckabee comes the closest to Obama that he has yet, trailing just 47-44. That’s tightened since the President led 48-42 a month ago. Huckabee also has the best overall favorability rating of the Republican quartet we tested, at 45/28.

After Huckabee Mitt Romney polls the closest to Obama and also has the second best net favorability rating, at 37/34. He trails 47-40 in a head to head. There continues to be one pretty bad piece of news for him in these polls though, which is that he’s the least popular of this quartet with GOP voters. Only 52% have a favorable opinion of him, and that lagging popularity with the overall Republican electorate has become a continuous theme in our 2012 surveys.

Obviously all polls this early should be taken with a grain of salt, not to mention PPP is run by the D’s the same way companies like Strategic Visions are run by the R’s. As I keep telling people, this time four years ago Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were going to be the two nominees, a guy named George Allen was the second coming of Reagan, and Obama was who we were hunting in Afghanistan. In other words, things can easy change.

But I leave you with the same exit quotation from Allahpundit:

Does mounting conservative disgust with Obama make Huckabee more viable as a nominee? Every time I post on him, the Huck-haters in the comments vow that they’ll stay home, won’t donate to the campaign, etc etc etc, but after three more years of Hopenchange I’m thinking you’ll be at the point where we could nominate Meghan McCain and you’d all be out knocking on doors. Second look at Huck?


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