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Nassau County Conservative Chaos

I know there are more exciting stories coming out of New York today, but this one is in my own backyard and since I was planning on writing it anyway…

Two weeks ago, I attended a meeting of the local conservative club. Their guest speaker was Ed Mangano, a Long Island legislator who is running to be county executive. Since all I remember aboot the last guy the R’s ran was that his commercials made me want to shoot my television, I was curious to see what this new cat was like. I walked away impressed.

The meeting started off talking aboot what a good friend Leg. Mangano has been to the conservative party, and how he’s run on the conservative party line for the past seven terms (14 years) as a county legislator. Then I got to hear from a guy with a strong business background and an understanding of how the economy works, who nailed every question thrown at him. Considering that the county has been falling apart while our current county executive day dreams of Albany, Ed Mangano at least to me sounds like the type of leader any conservative would get behind.

Then a few days later, there was a story aboot how the Conservative Party was endorsing a different candidate, seemingly just to spite the head of the Nassau GOP over a dispute.

Then the next week, I read further into why this decision may or may not have been made.

Anytime I need to cite Newsday two (or three) times to defend a Republican is an odd day on Long Island. And I’m sure there’s a lot I don;t know. Admittedly I’m just a blogger who doesn’t understand how the big scary world of politics works, and the more I do the less I want to know.

I’m just wondering if anyone could show me where the conservative values and convictions are here.

Either way, this is one conservative who is looking forward to voting for Ed Mangano in the fall.


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