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Mark Sanford Sucks

You can’t possibly think that, with articles like this, I honestly think Mark Sanford sucks. C’mon, you know that I know that you know that I know that you know I’m only clownin’.

We’ve heard Governor’s talk aboot rejecting some of the stimulus money, and how they were going to go through in line by line and took the time to consider the long term effects some of the non-stimulus aspects of the stimulus bill would effect their state. Mark Sanford, however, appears to be the first to put your money where his mouth is and officially says no to at least some of it.

From the article

“Our objections to the so-called stimulus bill have been well-chronicled for the way it spends money that we don’t have and for the way this printing of money could ultimately devalue the American dollar,” Sanford said on Tuesday, even as he acknowledged that he’ll accept some.

“Those of us opposed to this package lost the debate on these merits, and I now think it is important we look for creative ways to apply and use these monies in accordance with the long-term interests of our state,” he said.

The focus mainly focused on Sanford’s future political aspirations, which was smugly implied to be the sole reason for him saying no to some of the crap sandwich money. I’m trying to ween myself off of 2012 speculation, but there was this quote from a Ron Paul turned Mark Sanford supporter at CPAC…

“However, if Sanford runs in 2012, I would support him because he would do more than any other candidate to restore the Republican message. Unlike Ron Paul, Mark Sanford has the potential to win over mainstream voters. Whether or not he could beat Barack Obama, he would restore Republican credibility.”

Romney-Sanford? Gingrich-Sanford? Jindal-Sanford? Flip the tickets around?

Speculate away.

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  1. anonymous ⋅

    Senator Jake Knotts Rips Governor Mark Sanford

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