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Mitt Romney: The Only Adult Left Standing

A buddy of mine, one of the few on “the other side” I can have intelligent conversation yet, sent me a link to an article of potential 2012 candidates with the “odds” of them being the next leader. He asked my opinion, and the more I think aboot it the more Mitt Romney makes the most sense.

I’ve mentioned this before; there are two ways for the Obama Administration to go. One is that the economy tanks and Obama chokes. If that’s the case, I doubt the American people are going to want to gamble on another young, untested leader (plus I doubt Jindal or Palin would run anyway), leaving the perfect opening for Mitt. The other is the Obama doesn’t choke and is unbeatable.

In the later scenario, I doubt Mitt would be the sacrificial lamb (we’ll leave that for Pawlenty). But in the first scenario, or a combination of the two, or if the rumours are true aboot him considering a senate run, Romney could find himself in a very enviable position. Or as the Boston Globe puts it, the only adult left standing…

But the focus on economic issues that followed the campaign actually played to Romney’s strengths. The former head of a private-equity firm, Romney has been one of the few Republicans to go beyond anti-pork rhetoric and talk in depth about economic issues.

Last month, he smartly cast his lot with his friend, former eBay impresario Meg Whitman, who is running for governor of California as an entrepreneurial savior. She’s not a bad bet to win both the GOP nomination and the governorship, while test-driving Romney’s message of economic growth.

And then, while Limbaugh and some other CPAC speakers were serving up cable-show vitriol, Romney made clear that he wished President Obama well and hoped for the best for the country. He then offered a more measured – and therefore more believable – critique of the new administration.

Give the whole article a read because the author makes a lot of valid and interesting points, and I have to admit, a Romney-Sanford ticket leaves a good taste in my mouth.

My sense is that the senate run is most likely, depending on his wife’s health (she’s dealing with breast cancer). And Senate Minority (Majority?) Leader Romney could go a long way in fighting President Obama to 2012 and possibly 2016.

Either way, file this under one of many articles that make those of us who hatin’ on Romney during the primaries feel very, very, very stupid.

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2 responses to “Mitt Romney: The Only Adult Left Standing

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  2. T. LaDuke

    Hey ,

    No chance of Mitt ever becoming the nominee I believe. I was one of those people supporting him in the primary’s. He is originally from Michigan and I think it was a state law or something to support him. Anyway I was at 2 campaign stump speeches that he spoke at. HE SUCKED. I mean not Obama studder stuff or not knowing what he was talking about but he absolutely SUCKED the life out of the room. He gives a crappy speech and the supporters walked out going WOW I’m not motivated. That’s not a good sign. I actually saw a cat and a mouse lying next to each other they were put to sleep. I could have had a chance to see him one more time and I lied about having a pedicure appt or something.

    There is no way with the organztion he had and his business acumen he should have lost the nomination to Maverick John but that’s the reason why I believe. I have never seen anything like it in all my years, he just BLOWS on the stump, and in turn that saps energy from boots on the ground.

    Financial guru secretary for sure, maybe even Senator but I just don’t see him getting the GOP top spot ever!!

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