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My Exclusive Interview with Mark Sanford

Okay, so it’s not my exclusive interview as much as it’s Politico’s exclusive interview, but at least I got the bit aboot “Mark Sanford” right. Besides, say you’re a governor everyone wants a word with. Do you choose one of the most respected websites in politics, or a blogger who is writing this in a bathrobe and a pair of Homer Simpson slippers?

But seriously folks, you may or may not have caught South Carolina Governor’s Mark Sanford in the news lately. He has been one of President Obama’s most outspoken critics against the Pelosi-Obama spending bill, and has been speaking out ever since the first $750 Billion bailout back in September. This is his thing. It’s what he does.

And in this interview that was less mine as much as it was Politico’s, he had some things to say aboot the President, stimulus, and a certain CA-LEE-FORN-YA Governor’s offer to relieve Sanford to the stimulus money he’s considering turning down…

I mean, I think it misses the larger point, which is if you look at the back of a penny it says E Pluribus Unum. From many, one. And the belief of the founding fathers was that not only were we to be, you know, representatives or governors or senators from our respective corner of the country, but that we also look out for the big picture. I mean, is the course we’re on sustainable? Is it not? And by anybody’s measure the course we’re on is not sustainable.

I remember when Obama had the meeting with the governors in Philadelphia. I stood up and I said, look, if there’s anybody that I don’t want to disagree with, it’s you. I sat there on the sofa of our house, with tears coming down my eyes, sitting there with my four boys, watching him when he gave that speech in Grant Park.

But as an American, I owe it to you, if I think we’re going down a path that doesn’t make sense, to say, here’s why.

Mark Sanford is on my short list of cats to follow over the next few years. He seems to be the type of guy who tells you what you need to hear, regardless of whether or not you want to hear it. That’s a quality we need more of in our leaders.

I know he gets his name thrown around as a potential presidential candidate, but I’m not sure he’s “fuzzy around the edges” enough to make a serious run at the White House. However as a vice-presidential candidate, where your two job requirements are to a) not have fuzzy edges, and b) throw buckets of raw meat out at the audience, I can’t think of anymore more perfect.

It’s still silly to be talking aboot 2012. As I’ve been saying, this time four years ago the two candidates were going to be Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, conservatives were ga-ga over George Allen (who?), and Obama was the guy we were hunting in the mountain’s of Afghanistan.

That said, I keep seeing a Jindal-Sanford ’12 bumper sticker on the back of my Chevy Cavalier for some reason….

UPDATE: Speaking of Gov. Sanford interviews, this is a good one.

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