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Jindal vs. Obama: Round One

With most of the Republican party opposing the crap sandwich that is now the law known as the Great Fiscal Suicide Act of 2009 (aka “stimulus”), there’s criticism – somewhat deservedly – being thrown at those same R’s, telling them that if they’re so opposed to the President’s massive spending bill, don’t take the money.

Basically, nut up or shut up.

The former appears to be what Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Governor and the Ghost of Reagan Future, might be prepared to do. Or, if he doesn’t turn it down outright, he might turn down some of it.

So sayeth everyone’s favourite future [place year here] Presidential candidate…

“We’ll have to review each program, each new dollar to make sure that we understand what are the conditions, what are the strings and see whether it’s beneficial for Louisiana to use those dollars.”

I’m torn. As much as I think this crap sandwich is a colossal mistake, we’re going to be paying for it regardless of if our state takes the money or not. We’re still going to take on the additional $2 TRILLION deficit. If the government is giving out the money, and your state turns it down, another state is going to get it but you’ll still be paying for your share.

On the other hand, Bobby Jindal is giving the response to President Obama’s address to the joint session next week. If he uses that address to tell the President, “thanks but no thanks,” and then lays out what he’s going to do in his state instead, and encourages other states to read the fine print and do the same, it would said up an incredibly interesting debate. Frankly, a debate I think we as a country needs to have.

And here I thought Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker was going to be the smackdown I was most looking forward to.

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3 responses to “Jindal vs. Obama: Round One

  1. Tom Awtry ⋅

    For me its unbelievable when this issue was before our legislative branch of government, referring to the temporarily controlling factions within the GOP; and why would the GOP “only” agree to a bipartisan stimulus bill if it was “one-half” authored by them. Are these folks ready for the fruit juice farm or what? Do they understand the meaning of the word “compromise?”

    Isn’t this why, we in America we go through the trouble of having elections; to see who more or less, which “party” controls the mandates presented before our “elected” congress?

  2. Meghan,FL ⋅

    Tom… you don’t get it!!! The Democrats are the ones who don’t know the word COMPROMISE! Toxic Pelosi & Clown Barney & Dodd plus a handfull of other cronies wrote this entire Stimulus Bill and you know that. They only had the Republicians in the room once with Obama so they could use the word “Bipartisan’. Obama told the GOP “I won so we’re going to do it OUR way”.
    No I am not Republican BUT I also know that the Democrats would NOT compromise… you know that too!!! You just want to blow hot air.

  3. Michele ⋅

    About Bobby Jindal looking carefully at the strings attached to the stimulus funding for the states. He is smart to do that. From what I understand the Welfare Reform that Clinton signed into law has been undone with the Stimulus. The Feds will pay for this for a couple of years and then will drop all of the new welfare recipients onto the state’s lap. That is only one of the provisions. Look what happened to the Banks, now Obama is telling them what they can and can’t do.

    This may be a backdoor way of making States take on new commitment and/or taking away some of the States rights.

    To Tom: The Republicans don’t need to sign onto a bill that is totally against their principles. From what I understand, they were not consulted at all. When they mentioned that to Obama at one of his grandstanding sessions with them, he answered, “I won”.

    My understanding is that if you want the other party to sign onto a bill you usually have to compromise some on your bill. The Democrats did not need to compromise because they have the votes. The Republicans were left out in the cold so why would they vote for a bill that they thought was a Democrat spending spree (all liberal projects that the Democrats should have voted on one at a time).

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