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My Exclusive Interview with Newt Gingrich

Okay, if you take away the words “my,” “exclusive,” and “interview,” then that headline is actually a lot more honest. But you’re here and we’re happy to have you, so let’s talk aboot Newt Gingrich’s recent editorial in the Washington Times.

With the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this month, he asked a simple question, “Where does the conservative movement go from here?” You keep hearing words like “wilderness,” “directionless,” and “sucks” used in conjunction with the conservatives and the Republican Party in general. According to the former Speaker, “We ain’t dead yet, muthafucker!”

Actually that was more Richard Pryor than Newt Gingrich, but Gingrich does see a simple and almost certainly successful future. There seems to be a two step process.

Step one, tie President Obama to President Bush…

The Bush-Obama big government, big bureaucracy, politician-empowering, high-tax, high-inflation and high-interest-rate system continues to grow and to place the country in greater and greater danger from inflation, bureaucratic control of the economy, political interference in every aspect of our lives and massive debt.

The first job of the conservative movement is simply to tell the truth about how bad these Bush-Obama proposals are. The 2008 $180 billion stimulus program in the spring failed. The 2008 summer $345 billion housing bailout failed. The 2008 fall $700 billion Wall Street bailout failed. That was the first $1.2 trillion, and it was on former President George W. Bush’s watch, but all three passed with then Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s “yes” vote.

Step two, don’t dissent for the sake of dissenting and always provide alternative ideas…

The House Republican tax-cut plan would create twice as many new jobs at half the cost of the liberal big-spending bill. George Will’s proposal to cut the FICA tax in half for a year would produce much faster stimulation to the economy than a government spending program. Rep. Paul D. Ryan’s proposal to eliminate the capital-gains tax would bring much more money into creating jobs than everything the government will try to do through politicians and bureaucrats. Conservatives need even more bold and comprehensive solutions.

Conservatives need even more bold and comprehensive solutions. At the Center for Health Transformation, Jim Frogue is developing an anti-fraud program for Medicare and Medicaid, while Dave Merritt is developing a comprehensive new market-oriented health plan for all Americans.

At American Solutions, there is an American Energy, Jobs and Prosperity plan being built that will turn American energy assets (including clean coal, ethanol, more production of oil and natural gas, new technologies from hydrogen to wind and solar and a vastly expanded nuclear-power program, as well as a dramatic modernization of the electric grid and an expansion of conservation) into money that stays here at home.

All this of course does one thing and one thing only, and leaves us with the same question we have just aboot every time the former Speaker speaks, “Just what is Newt up to?”

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