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Happy Birthday Sarah, What's Up with CPAC?

Today is Sarah Palin’s birthday. Everybody sing…

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Gov. Palin. Happy birthday to you.

Now then, a lot has been made aboot the re-imaging of Sarah Palin. I had always assumed that she would take some time off, recharge her batteries, and then come back with a hum-dinger of a speech at the big Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I mean, it’s the conservative Woodstock…and is more important now than ever. These are her people.

Apparently Gov ‘Cuda had other things to do…

The opening-day headliner for the annual CPAC conservative convention February 26-28, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, has pulled out, citing state business in Juneau. “We’re obviously disappointed,” said a CPAC official. A spokesman for the three-day confab, organized by the American Conservative Union Foundation and others, said that Palin, the popular former vice presidential nominee, had indicated she would be able to attend but cited “duties of governing” in bowing out. Instead, she will send in a taped message. The decision was clearly a blow to many of those planning to be there, who expected to see Palin address the group on the opening day and Obama foe Rush Limbaugh wrap up the convention.

Obviously you can’t fault her over the fact that she has a day job. However, it does bring into question her having the free time to travel to Washington D.C. for the Alfalfa Dinner. Had any of you even heard of the Alfalfa Dinner before two weeks ago? My point exactly.

I understand her needing to “moderate up” her image a little bit. But CPAC is the one “partisan” event you don’t miss. These are the people who are going to rally behind her while she tries to expand her appeal. If she wants to re-image herself fine. CPAC is still the one event you show up to with a bucket of raw meat.

If she thinks the media is going to be impressed with her being all bi-partisany, she should ask John McCain how that worked out for him when he ran for President.

UPDATE: And by media, I mean idiots like the Associated Press.

UPDATE DEUX: He makes a valid point.

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