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My Exclusive Interview with Bobby Jindal

I can’t believe you fell for that. Did you honestly think the Bobby Jindal, Governor and the Ghost of Reagan Future, would do an exclusive interview with a schmuck like me? Well, you’re here anyway, so you might as well stick around. 🙂

No, there was no interview. However Gov. Jindal (who also happens to be my close, personal friend on Twitter) sent along a press release having to do with something most conservatives aren’t really known for speaking on…Mother Earth.

Here’s what’s going on down in the Bayou…

The Governor’s Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority signed an agreement with Ducks Unlimited to restore and protect nearly 2,500 acres of coastal marshes in Cameron Parish. I was proud to join them today in Lake Charles, and in the next two years this public-private partnership will put more than $3.2 million towards the construction of nearly 250,000 feet of marsh terraces in Black Lake marsh and the adjacent West Hackberry Marsh.

These areas were seriously damaged by saltwater intrusion and wave action, largely from Hurricanes Rita and Ike. The new terraces will encourage plant growth, improve the quality of water, limit saltwater intrusion and break up waves that are a main cause of coastal erosion. The area is also vital to the protection of a natural habitat for ducks, geese and other animals that depend on these marshes for their survival.

See that? Gov. Jindal is being all environmental and shit, while engaging the private sector to partner up and take some of the financial burden off of the tax payer. Jindal proves that it is possible to make the Earth a better place, while not running around like the Chicken Little progressive screaming that it’s the end of the world as they know it (and they don’t feel fine).

Mmmm…Romney/Jindal ’12..:


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2 responses to “My Exclusive Interview with Bobby Jindal

  1. Newzworth

    I would completely dig a Romney/Jindal Ticket. But I would waste it unless we can cut the Head off the current GOP dragon, and get new blood and a new leader for the party.

    IF Duncan Wins’ GOP Chair again, they will never be seeing my Republican registration (I’m registered independent)

  2. liz ⋅

    You should have gotten Gov. Bobby Jindal to speak up on the “Natural Born Citizen” clause that ‘intent’ interpreters believe mean two citizen parents AT BIRTH plus soil.Does he support the Constitution or want to rewrite it?
    For a potential run for the WH he would have needed his parents to be citizens at the time of his birth.

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