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Newt Gingrich Sucks

Me? Think Newt Gingrich Sucks? Moi? Why would you think that? Oh, the headline that says “Newt Gingrich Sucks.” I’m just clownin’. That’s just what we call the ol’ shuck and jive to attract your attention.

No, we here at JBdotC definitely don’t think the former Speaker sucks. We’re all big fans…and it’s because of articles like this. You see, Newt does this weird thing where he talks aboot issues not normally associated with conservatives, even though they should be. Point of fact: the healthcare crisis.

I’m sure most of us will agree that healthcare is pretty stoogats, though liberals tend to dominate the debate by telling everyone they’ll pay for everything while conservatives, well…don’t say all that much aboot it. Thankfully there’s Newt Gingrich to write aboot how the market can fix the health care problem

Proponents of government-run healthcare gain traction exploiting legitimate frustrations with our system, but opponents do not deserve a place in the debate if our only answer is no. We must offer a positive alternative where healthcare becomes more accessible and of higher quality at lower cost. That is what normal markets produce. Think computers and cellphones, where government bureaucrats have zero involvement in design and pricing.

A truly modernized, intelligent health system would focus on measurably improving health outcomes for all Americans. It would be ideologically agnostic about public or private initiatives and instead seek to scale up successful programs and discard those not producing results. A delivery system that allows private and public programs to flourish concurrently is more likely to yield new and better best practices to emulate elsewhere. Many best new practices offer specific financial rewards and incentives to individuals who achieve measurable progress in weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and eliminating tobacco use. Much of your health status is determined by choices you make. Smart health plans incentivize better choices so you are healthier and then share the savings with you. A modern system also will have 100 percent E-prescribing and electronic health records by a date certain. This will lead to better, more coordinated care with far fewer medical errors, thereby saving lives and money.

I’m more interested in articles like these then blog number 217 aboot who’s a RiNO and who’s a “real conservative.” That’s fun for the sake of blogging, which I do indulge in because let’s face it…I’m a hack. But when it comes to our potential 2012 candidates like Newt Gingrich (or Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney, or Bobby Jindal, or Mark Sanford, or Tim Pawlenty, or Mike Huckabee), if they aren’t talking to be aboot policy or how our ideas are better then the other guys, they’re just wasting my time.

When it comes to Newt Gingrich, he never seems to waste my time.

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