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Wow, Paterson Sure F'ed This up…

So, this open New York senate seat and the selection process has been screwed up to a fair thee well, and now we’re at the he said/she said part of any good scandal. I can hear the great Ed Koch mocking it on the news as I write this.

And of course Pete King, Congressman and the Republican half of the 2010 special election, threw in his two cents as well:

“This looks more and more like the gang that can’t shoot straight. I mean, David Paterson is a good friend of mine, but so far this whole process just makes no sense at off, and we’re talking about a very important seat, in one of the most important states in the country, and we’re going without representation, and it’s just really making it look like a circus. And, you know, the position deserves more than that.”

“This is not that difficult a decision,” he added, “This is, you have two months to pick one person. And, you know, this isn’t a war, this isn’t a depression or a recession, this isn’t a financial crisis, it’s picking someone, and you know all the characters involved.”

I can believe Caroline Kennedy dropped out of the running due to personal reasons, though I think by “personal” she means “embarrassing” and by “issues” she means “last four polls.” But then, I always thought that she and Andrew Cuomo were nothing more than catnip for the national media, most of whom were more concerned aboot what Obama wanted or what would give them the easiest story to write than they were who the Governor of New York might actually pick.

Now the leading candidate is upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand. She’s a woman, so she fills Gov. Patterson’s top requirement. Plus she’s an “upstate New Yorker who raises money like someone from New York City.” I’m not quite sure what that means, but apparently it’s a good thing.

I guess we find out Friday at high noon.

UPDATE: Or we find out tonight…. I’ll be honest, at first glance at least, I don’t think I hate her. As per Wikipedia…

Gillibrand is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition. She strongly opposes gun control. She is a strong advocate of 2nd Amendment rights. She supports extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for middle tax families; stem cell research; and the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection Act. Gillibrand opposes attempts to partially privatize Social Security. She strongly supported passage of the 2008 Farm Bill. Gillibrand broke with former Governor Eliot Spitzer on the issue of illegal immigration, opposing his plan to issue New York State drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

And according to Robert Zimmerman on “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” she’s already being threatened with a 2010 primary challenge from Rep. Carolyn McCarthy…before she’s even been officially appointed.  In the words of Joey Styles, ” CAT FIGHT!  CAT FIGHT!  CAT FIGHT!”

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