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Sarah Palin Sucks

Of course she doesn’t, don’t be ridiculous. They would throw me out of #TCOT if I thought that! But if I know conservatives like I know conservatives, nothing gets their attention more than speaking ill of our ‘Cuda. Gotcha!

The irony of this blog post is that just two days ago I wrote aboot how it was time to say good-bye to Sarah Palin for the time being and focus on other leaders. However, there were two articles that came out in the past two days that had her doing what we’ve wanted her doing from the beginning…talking aboot substance. Not her clothes or Wal-mart, but actual policy issues.

Here’s the ‘Cuda talking aboot fiscal discipline (just because, someone has to)…

Mr. Obama and Congress could make this happen with permanent tax cuts and by adhering to a path of fiscal discipline. When congressional appropriation trains run too hastily, they accumulate excess baggage, spending more taxpayer money. Leaving more money in American pockets through tax cuts and fiscal discipline stimulates the business-investment and job-creation climate — the climate for economic recovery.

And here she is talking aboot her new alternative energy plan for Alaska, which some say is even more ambitions then President Obama’s

Especially evident in these trying economic times is America’s need for affordable, abundant and secure energy. This means American energy resources developed through American ingenuity and produced by American workers. I applaud President Obama’s focus on alternative and renewable energy, and here in Alaska we’ve joined the effort: I have asked Alaskans to focus on obtaining 50% of our electric generation from renewables by 2025. In the meantime, we must not abandon oil and gas exploration and development. In fact, Americans should demand the cooperation of the major oil producers so that Alaska’s vast supply of clean natural gas can be brought to market. Alaska stands ready to positively contribute to the nation’s markets and energy needs.

This is the Sarah Palin I want to see more of…albeit after a break. I don’t care aboot her being a hockey mom who knows the price of Pampers. That can only go so far. If Palin is going to have a future in national politics, it’s going to need to be with her tackling issues and providing Americans with her vision for the future.

This is definitely a good start, and most likely the launch of her re-election campaign in Alaska. And while I still don’t see her running in 2012 (to the dismay of fair and balanced journalists like Andrea Mitchell and Frank Rich), this could very well be a first step towards 2016.

UPDATE: Of course she’ll always have douchebags like these to deal with…

UPDATE DEUX: …and this asshole.

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14 responses to “Sarah Palin Sucks

  1. Deo ⋅

    Mrs. Palin has done a COMPLETE 180´s on BOTH…she has changed her tune RE Obama AND DRILL BABY DRILL. A politician after all.
    Jump on the band wagon, Sarah, it´s leaving without you.

    Her new energy plan isn´t really a plan, it´s like some nebulous suggestion to regain favor.

    • al ⋅

      One of the frustrations of the recent presidential campaign was the lack of questions that matter to individual citizens. At one time the Press might well have asked this kind of question and even provided answers for consideration. For example, energy independence became an issue; the falling economy became an issue. No candidate linked the two satisfactorily. These question were never asked—If we allow drilling in areas where it is prohibited, how many jobs will be created for the drilling? If oil/gas is discovered, how many jobs are created to produce the wells? With the production, how many jobs are created to build the storage areas? How many jobs to build the refineries? How many jobs are created to run the refineries thereafter? What is the local environmental damage? How many jobs will be created to redress the damage? Can any of these jobs be exported to another country?

      Continuing with this energy independence/economy question, how many jobs are created to build one nuclear power electricity generating plant? How many jobs are created to operate the plant after completion? How many jobs are created to build the transmission lines to move the power? What is the local environmental damage? How many jobs will be created to redress the damage? Can any of these jobs be exported to another country?

      How many should we build?

      We need an American Facilitator. American is the specified adjective because the primary concern of questions and answers is the good of America and her citizens. Facilitator is the chosen title because we need someone to ask the question(s), receive the answers, and share all answers with the citizenry.

      We need Sarah Palin to assume the title and the responsibility.

      Would members of the energy industry respond to her questions?

      Would the environmentalists respond to her questions?

      Would the public benefit by the debate?

      Would the Press be forced to report?

      Can we continue to provide questions for the American Facilitator

      Working together, could we help create the question format? Could we suggest a format for the responses? Could we ask the responses be supported by appropriate bibliography?

  2. Samuel ⋅

    Dude –

    Get a grip. #TCOT?? Ah yes, the Twitter fantasy for the conservative fringe. “Wow, we discovered Twitter, now let’s be relevant again!”

    Good luck with that — as the GOP shrinks as each day passes.

  3. newzworth

    @ Samual. You will seen soon enough. Everything under Government will shrink as Government Grows. GDP, DOW, JOBS, and PATRIOTISM.

    Unfortunately, I would probably question your ability to understand the latter to begin with.

    @Deo, do you know what your talking about? Cause we dont. suppply a link or a quote or something, dont expect us to “take your word” for it. because we KNOW, like your leaders, your political opinions change as often as your emotions, or the weather. At least you have that “GLOBAL WARMING” excuse to explain.

    ~Cold in America

  4. Samuel ⋅

    @Newzworth. I said the GOP is shrinking…not GDP.

    The GOP, hijacked by redneck, Bible-thumping conservatives, is really no longer a political force to be reckoned with. The country is changing right before their eyes and they won’t even acknowledge it, much less adapt.

    They can twitter all they want. We will enjoy mocking you.

    The GOP is a rump party…as in the rump of the nation. A regional “party”, confined to the South and some parts of the mid-west. The states that were leaning blue in 2004 are now solid blue, and those that were slightly red have flipped. Virginia, North Carolina are next. So the Rump party will slowly disappear into irrelevance.

  5. Syntax ⋅

    When John Ziegler released a video interview of Sarah Palin with a huge banner across the bottom saying “How Obama Got Elected”, well…imagine my surprise to discover that Ziegler WASN’T a Liberal. Extremely accurate banner! Are you sure Ziegler isn’t a Liberal?

    The GOP has seriously lost their way. They need a small retreat to re-invent themselves to align with America’s views and needs and Governor Palin sure as hell isn’t the answer. Palin appeals to a insignificant percentage of our population that is nowhere near enough to win any kind of nationwide election. The GOP knows this and every time the woman opens her mouth…well…lets just say Democrats love it every time she opens her mouth. The Ronald Reagan Republican party has been replaced by the Karl Rove Republican party and has suffered 2 miserable election losses because of it.

    Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee are the future leaders of the Republican Party. Sarah Palin is a punchline.

  6. FunStuff ⋅

    Cute, but the comments are hilarious, “Bible-thumping conservatives”, for example. As a smear, this is getting kinda threadbear, isn’t it? Still, I would agree that if faith is the most important trait for a voter, they probably don’t vote for the God-less lefty Democrats. The one about Palin having “done a COMPLETE 180´s on BOTH”, referring to alternative energy and “Drill, baby, drill”, is especially ridiculous, given her championing of an “all the above” approach, even opposing McCain to some extent! The thing about “The GOP is a rump party” is unique, but let me just caution that a few years back you might have said the same about the Democrats. Anyway, I just hope the Palin hate club will get some new material — the same old stale material doesn’t make me laugh as much anymore.

  7. T. LaDuke

    So I’m finding this Samuel fella very amusing, has no context of the history of politics in this country. It was not long ago that the democratic party was DEAD, as in road kill in front of one of those churches in those ” Bible thumping” towns. 1994 and than again in 2002. They learned their lesson well, or should I say started to lie REALLY REALLY GOOD.

    President Obama ran on TAX CUTS. Where have you heard that before? He also ran on bringing the deficit down from the Bush years, but we kinda know what direction that’s going now don’t we! He’s gonna blow a hole in deficit spending so wide you could drive a semi through it, and to make this simple for ya, A HOLE that is as big as the one between your EARS!!!! Gotta love inflation Scooter.

    So keep up the unicorn and purple sky fantasy that the GOP or more importantly conservative movement is dead, it will be that much easier to take control back after you non bible thumpers Keith Olberman wanna Be’s end up passed put behind the wheel drunk on your own arrogance and stupidity !!!

    And really what is with the ” RUMP PARTY”, are you trying to tell everyone something. Every one of your posts references RUMP. Keep it behind closed doors Scooter

  8. Syntax ⋅

    I personally would never say the Republican/Conservative movement is dead. I like checks and balances without the childish polarizing nonsense that apparently a majority of Americans are also sick of as indicated in the past two election cycles. I do find it humorous that reference is being made to the Democrats fall from grace a decade ago from individuals affiliated with a political party that has currently just made the same exact mistake. Republicans are quick to point out the Democrats putting themselves in the dumpster in the 90’s while they themselves are currently sitting in the exact same dumpster today. If the Republicans obviously cannot learn from history, can they at least learn from their mistakes? They better!

    I personally am not a Sarah Palin hater or am I suffering from some catchy slogan that appeals to our population’s lowest common denominator like “Palin Derangement Syndrome”. I believe the truth behind it all is that the McCain campaign completely screwed her up and possibly screwed her in the process. They gave her expensive hair doos and make up and clothes, put a piece of duct tape over her mouth and threw her out in front of a camera to appeal to disgruntled Hillary supporters and sorry, Hillary supporters aren’t that stupid. They never let her be herself til the very end when she went “rogue”. It was only then did we begin to realize that she was no where near as stupid as we thought. She’s actually quite intelligent and politically savvy. The sexism came from the McCain campaign that wanted to keep her “barefoot and pregnant” in the kitchen next to a ding dong like Joe the Plumber rather then out there doing what a politician should be doing, winning elections. Whining about the Mainstream Media is a joke. Cowboy up honey! If she can’t handle the Mainstream Media then how in the hell is she expected to handle Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, the Al Qaeda? Wow, what incredible leadership.

    I feel bad for her and what the McCain campaign did to her but if the Republicans were smart, we’d never hear from her again. In 2006 and again in 2008, the Republicans suffered from the same downfall as the Democrats did a decade ago. If they are going to learn from their mistakes then they need leadership that is going to appeal to the millions upon millions of votes that they have lost and Sarah Palin obviously isn’t it.

  9. Bikerdad ⋅

    “In fact, Americans should demand the cooperation of the major oil producers so that Alaska’s vast supply of clean natural gas can be brought to market. “

    I like Sarah Palin. I don’t like the above statement, because it worries me in regards to how we should go about “demanding cooperation” from for-profit entities.

  10. Tom Matthews ⋅

    You know, your headline is correct. She’s another GOP blowhard. It’s just that she looks so much better than Lush, Hammity, O’Really and Shrek, the four horsemen of the Faux News apocalypse. She will be pimped for the next four years, but she won’t have any more substance than she did in November. Palin and Lush Bimbaugh, what a dream ticket, as the GOP ignores its new leader with typical lack of leadership.

  11. Franky Westcott ⋅

    Keep Sarah Palin in Alaska. Both she and her husband were members of the Alaskan Independence Party. In Feb 2008, Sarah endorsed the party that wants to secede from the lower 48 states of the USA.
    She can’t even control her children, less govern the state of Alaska.
    She definetly doesn’t have the qualifications to lead the nation as its President. Keep her the hell out of the lower 48. She should stay put in Alaska where she can kill defenseless wolves and bears from an aircraft. Also , she received kickbacks from the oil industry for allowing them to pollute the ocean and bays of Alaska.

  12. karen ⋅

    why is anyone listening to this person, she is all into saving all people, no mater how sick or retarded they are. but the insurance companies now are making the life and death desisions. and as far as sarah is concerned screw the animals. kill them all by helicopter or what ever means. she is unstable leave her alone or you will pay the price. she ran away from being govenor, she has no say or power, the sooner we get away from her the better

  13. Sarah Palin will soon fade into obscurity. Check out

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