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Is Caroline Kennedy Senator Yet?

There are still a few more Senate seats that need to be determined (Al F’n Franken), and of course the most important one is Hillary Clinton’s once she gets approved to be Obama’s Secretary of State. According to the New York Post, the JBdotC paper of record, Gov. Patterson has settled on…wait for it…CAROLINE KENNEDY! You’re shocked, aren’t you?

Let’s be honest. Unless I wake up one morning having the exact opposite opinion of the world as I did the night before, I’m voting Republican in 2010. That said, I still think that Patterson is a) making a huge political mistake, and b) over estimating how much Kennedy and/or Bloomberg money will make up for it.

Four reasons:

1. There are TWENTY-SEVEN Democrat congresspeople who are being passed over for the job and who unlike Princess Caroline have dedicated their life to the people of New York.

2. Unlike Republicans, Democrats have a serious contender for NYC Mayor in Congressman Anthony Weiner.

3. The latest batch of polls show that almost half of New Yorkers don’t think Princess Caroline is qualified to be Senator, and favor Andrew Cuomo for the job.

4. If I’m Andrew Cuomo and the rumors are true aboot me considering a primary challenge to Gov. Patterson, numbers 1-3 definitely help me make my decision.

Your move, Governor.

UPDATE: has more…


UPDATE TRES: I wonder if Caroline Kennedy’s “personal reasons” were that Patterson wasn’t picking her in the first place.

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