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Newt Gingrich Announces his Candidacy for President

Of course he didn’t, at least not yet. I warn you now that you’re going to see that headline on this blog a lot because Newt is the ultimate “will he, won’t he” candidate because anytime he does an interview he has a habit of saying something that makes you say to yourself “hmmm….”

Case in point, this past Sunday on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” when he was a part of a great roundtable discussion with George Will, Thomas Friedman, and Peggy Noonan. In the middle of a conversation aboot the economic crisis and the war in the Middle East, Gingrich pulled this out of nowhere:

There is a war underway in Mexico. More people were killed in Mexico in 2008 than were killed in Iraq. It is grossly under covered by the American media. It’s is on our border. It has the potential to extend into our country side. It’s a very serious problem, and we have managed to neglect it to a point – and we are fueling it because it is paid for by our drug money. The illegal narcotics teams in Mexico are in a direct civil war with the government in which they are killing the police, killing judges, killing the army…I surprised that no one in the American system is looking at it very much. It’s a very serious problem.

Border security is a tricky issue with the GOP. For whatever reason, whenever border security or securing out ports is brought up, it’s framed as “xenophobia” and “they don’t belong here.” To be fair, a lot of that is self inflicted by the amount of people who called in to talk radio screaming “they don’t belong here,” but that doesn’t change the fact that securing our border and the fact that we don’t seem to be doing so is a serious problem.

Framing the argument around the civil war brewing in Mexico and the war on drugs, while also having the back of one of our closest allies and the humanitarian efforts that go with it, could give the GOP (or more importantly, a GOP candidate) an issue we can own that could help reach out to Hispanic voters, and that a lot on the left may be too squishy to want to touch.

Well played, Newt, Well played indeed.

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One response to “Newt Gingrich Announces his Candidacy for President

  1. A Bag of Marbles ⋅

    Ha! Now that the precedent has been established, and now that the elections are lost, there is NOTHING that can happen in Mexico that would cause ANY scrutiny of the border. Nothing at all.

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