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BAM Stimulus: Enter Mitt Romney

Unfortunately I’ve already used “Mitt Romney Announces His Candidacy for President” as a headline, because if this isn’t as close as you can get without him actually announcing…

The Republican’s are organizing to develop a few alternatives to P.E. BAM’s $1 TRILLION stimulus package. To do this, Republican Whip and conservative dreamboat Eric Cantor is organizing a hearing for Republican economic experts to be interviewed by house members on what their policy ideas are. First up is Mitt Romney, to share his economic expertise and make those of us who hated on him during the primary feel really fucking stupid.

So sayeth Cantor’s deputy Rob Collins:

“Last week, President elect-Obama challenged the House Republicans to help him craft a stimulus bill. We are embracing this challenge and asking as many people as possible to help us create the ideas we need to cut taxes on middle-class taxpayers and small businesses. Gov. Romney as a businessman and former governor has the knowledge to know what our economy needs to ensure we create real long-lasting jobs and make it easier to raise a family in America.”

The fun all takes place this Thursday, with another round of “will Mitt run in 2012” editorials and commentary’s to follow. Again, I need to point out that 2012 is four years from now, and four years ago the candidates were Hillary and Rudy, and Obama was the guy we were hunting in Afghanistan. A lot can happen over the next few years is what I’m saying.

But if things with the economy keep going to way they are (or at least seem to be), and if he doesn’t try out social-consertiving Mike Huckabee, I can’t imagine us having a stronger candidate than Mitt Romney.

UPDATE: Who gets the bigger reception at CPAC 2009, Mitt or Sarah Palin?

UPDATE DEUX: Yeah, this shit’s  on!

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3 responses to “BAM Stimulus: Enter Mitt Romney

  1. R. George Dunn ⋅

    Beware of the Corporate types who will promote their offshore agenda. After Reagan put in free trade, our tax structure remained the same. Manufacturing fled overseas to hide from the production tax structure we are handicapped with still to this day. We need to convert to the consumption tax and tax both imports and domestic production eaqually and bring jobs back to bring fiscal stability again. Those Americans who took manufacturing offshore have a self serving agenda to keep the current tax structure in place. It is not an American approach.

  2. Dan ⋅

    Let’s figure out why McCain lost and how Mitt can beat Obama in 2012 (in no particular order):

    1. It was a Democratic year and it was going to be very hard for a Republican to win. (That’s why Mitt would have been perfect. He has only been a politician for a governor’s term. He’s a Washington outsider who has been proven to fix things everywhere he’s been)

    2. McCain couldn’t win any blue states. (Romney would’ve had a chance to win Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington and he would’ve retained the red states that Obama turned blue…just look at how well Romney did in the primaries in those states. Plus, Mitt Romney’s father was a three-term governor of Michigan and chairman of American Motors Corporation which only adds to Mitt’s astounding business expertise and builds Mitt’s appeal in the Midwest. Not to blow any minds, but Mitt will make California competitive. If you don’t believe me, look at what happened with proposition 8. Add to that the high demand for health care reform in California and the fact that Schwarzenegger has said he loves what Mitt did with health care in Massachusetts and we’ll see what happens…)

    3. Republicans lost the technology war to the democrats (Starting now, we should all look at as well as signup at the Free & Strong America link that is listed as the group’s website) Once you signup, give 3 votes to

    4. The economy became problem number 1. (Romney has way more economic credentials than McCain or Obama. McCain flew Mitt in on several occasions to help McCain understand the extremely complex financial crisis. Furthermore, Mitt has created more jobs in the private sector than Obama will in the next four years. Also, Mitt will whoop Obama in the debates whenever the economy is the topic)

    5. Let’s face it. A lot of Americans feel very good about electing the first African American president and some voted to “prove” they weren’t racist. (That same sentiment for Obama won’t be there in 2012 and instead Romney will have a chance to be the first Mormon president. Mitt has developed a new way to comically discuss his religion: “Very simply, Mormonism says you can’t drink, you can’t smoke, you can’t have coffee, and you can’t have sex outside of marriage. And they tell us that that gives us a longer life. I don’t believe it. It just makes it feel like it’s a longer life.”)

    6. McCain didn’t have enough money to compete. (Romney was the only republican to compete with Hillary and McCain during the primaries in fundraising and organization. Romney’s extensive business experience helped here tremendously. Also, we won’t have the disadvantage of thinking we can believe that Obama will take public financing)

    7. McCain’s message kept changing. (Rommey has much more discipline than McCain and kept on message all campaign although the media pretended like Mitt didn’t. You can watch all of Mitt’s campaign commercials on YouTube and judge for yourself)

    8. McCain never energized the base because he wasn’t a true conservative. (Mitt is a true conservative that won’t have to spend the general election pretending to be more conservative. Also, four years being completely out of power will energize the base like we haven’t seen since 1984)

    9. McCain was a poor debater and speech giver. (Both are strengths of Mitt)

    10. McCain was linked to Bush (fairly or unfairly) because of the high percentage of votes in which he voted with Bush. (Romney hasn’t been a senator so that won’t be an issue. Besides, after 4 years of one-party liberal rule and 6 years of a democratic congress, Obama will have absolutely no excuse for all his failures to deliver on his outlandish campaign promises)

    11. McCain was old and unhealthy. (No Republican candidate was more healthy than Mitt)

    12. Liberals love to attack Republicans by pointing out that Republicans love to elect candidates who are viewed as unintelligent. (While that may be somewhat unfair, it’s true that George Bush and John McCain both graduated at the bottoms of their class in college and Sarah Palin did horribly in college. However, Mitt Romney graduated Valedictorian and that enormous amount of knowledge he gathered in college and through life experiences has helped Mitt succeed at everything he has done in life)

    13. McCain (affair and divorce) was viewed as hypocritical in his support of family values and protecting marriage. (No one has ever been able to say anything but nice things about the wonderful Romney family)

    14. McCain made some campaign promises that some viewed as impossible to achieve and therefore pandering. (As crazy as this sounds, if you do some research, you’ll see that Mitt had a person in charge of keeping track of every campaign promise Mitt made during his campaign to become governor of Massachusetts. He then kept that list on his desk after he was sworn in and he accomplished EVERY item on that list by the time he left office)

  3. T. LaDuke

    Well now, I didn’t hate on Ole Mitty during the primaries. I wasn’t crazy about him but if your from Michigan you were obligated to support him ( STATE LAW) because the last and only fella that was President from Michigan wassssnt actually elected. Still kinda hurts our pride a bit.

    And after Ron Paul went up in that UFO with Dennis Kucinch and Shrilrey Mcaline who in the hell was I gonna support, Bob Barr? #$%&^ I forgot BOB FRICKIN BARR!!

    And as for who get’s the loudest reception…..Umm Sara Palin hands down. And I’m betting beer on that one

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