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Patterson: She Has No Experience

New York still doesn’t have someone lined up to replace Sen. Hillary Clinton once she moves to the State Department, and there’s a rumour circulating aboot someone named Caroline Kennedy who might be interested in the job.

I’m not that familiar aboot who this Caroline Kennedy is, but apparently people know her family, and according to Gov. David Patterson she has her pluses and minuses…

“Caroline Kennedy obviously does have a tremendous relationship with the president and that’s certainly a plus. She does not have much political, I mean legislative, experience which is a minus…”

So for those of you riding the short bus, let’s sum up:

Her plus is that she’s BFF with the President-Elect.

Her minus is that she has no experience whatsoever.

Start spreading the news…

UPDATE: Um…what?

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One response to “Patterson: She Has No Experience

  1. chris ⋅

    how do i get updates from twitter that tell me of new posts on your blog?

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