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Bobby Jindal Announces his Candidacy for President


No, Gov. Bobby Jindal has not announced his candidacy for President…yet. However according to, he at least might be seriously considering it, or at least starting to start the process to where he would start to seriously consider it.

There are one or two key caveats though, and it’s something I bring up everytime I find myself blogging aboot our 2012 candidates:

“Tell me where Obama is sitting at the end of 2010,” responded a senior adviser to Jindal when asked about a possible run. “Timing is everything.”

John Maginnis, a longtime watcher of Louisiana politics and publisher of the LaPolitics Weekly newsletter, put it more bluntly. “He doesn’t want to run against Obama unless Obama is an unmitigated disaster,” observed Maginnis. “In 2016, it will be an open seat with no vice president running.”

People also seem to forget that this is only his first year as LA Governor, and he’s facing the same budget issues all other Governors are facing…and just Sarah Palin, another perennial 2012 candidate, those issues are more affected by the failing price of oil than most of his colleagues in the NGA. Maybe we should see how the rest of this first term goes, then see if he runs for and/or wins reelection in 2011.

And again, I know I say this a lot, but I do like the sound of Newt-Bobby or Romney-Jindal ’12…and Jindal will still be under fifty (or just turning fifty) in 2020. I’m just sayin’.

2012 WATCH DISCLAIMER: As we blog aboot four years from now, remember that four years ago the two candidates were Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, George Allen was the next Reagan, and Obama was the guy responsible for 9/11.


One response to “Bobby Jindal Announces his Candidacy for President

  1. Good GRIEF Brodigan you cannot do these things to me. I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I saw your headline.


    That said I’m pretty confident that Jindal will be our president at some point in my life.

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