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The King vs. Camelot

While the national media, relative to the open NY Senate Seat, keeps throwing around the names Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo, our local Long Island newspaper had article reminding everyone that, as much as the media wishes it were otherwise, there is still a Republican Party and our nominee for Senator is Rep. Peter King.

The article questioned if King throwing his hat in the ring is going to influence who Gov. David Patterson appoints:

“Peter King’s presence in the race could potentially scare Paterson away from naming a relative unknown like the mayor of Buffalo or one of the congresswomen. [King is] very clearly associated with issues of homeland security that are of concern to people in New York. And he’s arguably the most visible Republican in the state after [Rudy] Giuliani.”

Personally, I think Kennedy and Cuomo are just catnip for the national media and in light of what’s going on in Illinois, I don’t see Patterson selecting someone that will make it look like they got the gig because of their daddy or uncle. Methinks his choice will be someone like upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Either way, who would of thunk we might be able to pick up a Senate seat in New York of all places?

UPDATE: Oh well…

UPDATE DEUX: Maybe Andrew is still in the running too?


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