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Educating Jindal

There was an interesting editorial in the New York Times. I couldn’t find the name of the author anywhere, but it was aboot all the education reform going on in the state of Louisiana. Yes, that Louisiana – the same Louisiana that is home to perennial 2012 presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal.

For students to learn, they need well-trained teachers. Unfortunately, far too many teacher-preparation programs in this country are little more than diploma mills. As states and the federal government consider ways to fix this problem, they should look to Louisiana’s accountability-based reform efforts.

Louisiana already has required public- and private-teacher-education programs to offer more rigorous course work, and teachers must pass licensing exams in more subject areas than before.

The article spoke of LA’s other education reforms like “The New Teacher Project” and “Teach for America.” So for those of you keeping score at home, besides Bobby Jindal having experience in reforming health care, his education reforms are starting to gain national attention.

I may have to rethink my opposition to him running in 2012.


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