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2010 Watch: Pete King for NY Senate

While Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo are the top two name’s being thrown around to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate (and that other open Senate seat taking up most of the media), there’s another name mentioned to day to run against them (or whoever) in 2010…Congressman Pete King.

“I definitely want to run,” he said yesterday. “I believe the average New Yorker will identify with me.”…Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, praised King. He “is exactly the sort of senator that New York City and New York State needs,” Giuliani said through an aide. “He is already an expert on terrorism, and his knowledge … would be invaluable in the Senate.”

Another former NYC mayor, Ed Koch, is a Pete King supporter as well.

I’m excited aboot this because I’m a huge fan of King’s, who also happens to be my congressman. Having both Rudy Giuliani (for Governor) and Pete King running in 2010 would be huge for New York Republicans. And if we could draft Greg Ball to run against Chuck Schumer, thing could really get fun.

The question remains, who runs for King’s open congressional seat? My the NY-3’s favourite blogger? Hey, stop laughing!


One response to “2010 Watch: Pete King for NY Senate

  1. sauerkraut ⋅

    He’s an average New Yorker? How many “average New Yorker’s” would say the things about Caroline Kennedy that he’s uttered during the past week?

    And Rudy G? An endorsement from him is like the kiss of death.

    And Ed Koch hasn’t been relevant in years. I’d vote for Freddie Lebow before I’d vote for Koch, but Lebow’s been dead for a few years already.

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