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Another Bobby Jindal in 2012 Blog (No. 2 in a Series)

I would like to point out that I find all this talk already aboot 2012 to be silly. This time four years ago the two front runners were Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, and Obama was the cat we were hunting in Afghanistan. We still have 2010 to worry aboot.

Some of us are even concerned aboot 2009 when all of Nassau County is up for election (and as far as I can tell, the top fiscally conservative, reform minded, pro-life candidate appears to be a Democrat). So yeah, 2012 ain’t nuthin’ but a number.

But since the Washington Post has that delightful profile on Bobby Jindal and his recent trip to Iowa, there’s another round of “Jindal in 2012” blogs, threads, and discussions going on. I’m a fan of Jindal’s. I look forward to hearing more from him and watching him for the next few years. But personally speaking, I don’t see him running in 2012.

Two things are going to happen over the course of the next two years: either a BAM Administration is going to be successful, or it’s going to be a miserable failure.

If it’s successful, it’ll be harder for the R’s to win. Why would Bobby Jindal, who will only be forty years old and finishing up his first term as governor, blow his first run? Much like I said of Sarah Palin in 2012, 2016 makes more sense when the two Democrat heir apparents – Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton – will be in their seventies.

If the BAM Administration doesn’t go well, I can’t imagine the electorate looking to gamble on another youngin’ without much national experience. The GOP elders like Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich make more sense…though I can see Jindal as a running mate.

Bobby Jindal will be President of the United States one day. I’m just not sure 2012 is his year.


2 responses to “Another Bobby Jindal in 2012 Blog (No. 2 in a Series)

  1. Sean Cole

    Join the grassroots effor tto help elect Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal POTUS in 2012

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