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Bobby Jindal: Number 3 with a bullet!

Interesting results from a recent Zogby poll of potential Republican candidates for…you guessed it…2012. Sarah Palin #1 amongst Republicans and Mitt Romney #1 overall isn’t all that surprising. What I did find surprising is Bobby Jindal at #3.

Now, those of you reading this blog shouldn’t be all that surprised. If you’re a conservative net nerd like I am, you know all aboot Jindal. But I’m pretty sure Zogby didn’t just poll the blogosphere, so the fact that Jindal came it at number three…and not all that far away from the #1 and #2 spots, shows that people are starting to take notice before Jindal is even trying all that hard.

Also of note is that Huckabee comes in fourth. The reason given was that Palin outperforms him in all his strong demographics. I’m sure her not airing out her grievances in public probably helps her with the base too.

That leaves me with two three questions:

1. When do Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin start running against each other? CPAC?

2. When does Next Gingrich start to get involved?

3. Who else is going to come along?  Mark Sanford?  Mitch Daniels?

UPDATE: May the jumping on the bandwagon commence.


One response to “Bobby Jindal: Number 3 with a bullet!

  1. Very interesting poll. There’s a lot to like about Bobby Jindal from what I hear- but I need to learn more.

    I like Mark Sanford of South Carolina as well. He could be a dark horse in 2012, but he would have to build up some awareness. He has written some great things about the government’s response to this economic crisis. And his performance before the House Ways and Means Committee early this month was fantastic- he didn’t ask for any money for South Carolina, just said they would work on cutting pork spending and fix up their budget problems themselves.

    On Palin, I like her a lot. But I think she only has appeal among Republicans. The left has damaged her too much, I’m afraid. We’ll see.

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